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Medicaid Program | Eligibility and Enrollment


Medicaid reimburses health care providers for covered medical services provided to eligible needy individuals in certain categories. Eligibility is determined based on income, resources, Arkansas residency, and other requirements. Covered services also vary among categories. Categories are summarized below under the two headings of "Aged, Blind and Disabled" and "Children and Family".

Aged, Blind and Disabled

Individuals aged 65 and older who meet income, resource and other requirements are eligible for full Medicaid coverage.
Individuals who are determined blind or disabled based on Social Security Administration criteria who meet income, resource and other requirements are eligible for full Medicaid coverage.
Medicare Savings Program provides limited coverage to supplement Medicare recipients. Coverage varies based on income, ranging from payment of the Medicare premiums, deductibles and co-insurance for low-income individuals to paying only a portion of the Medicare Part B premium for individuals with higher incomes.
 Social Security Administration Offices

Long Term Services and Supports | More Information

Long Term Care -  Individuals who are residents of nursing homes may qualify for Medicaid if the care in the facility is medically necessary and they meet income, resource and other criteria.

ARChoices is a Medicaid program that includes home and community-based services for adults age 21 through 64 with a physical disability OR age 65 and older AND who meet nursing facility functioinal needs criteria, income resource, and other criteria.
DDS Alternative Community Services covers individuals of any age who are determined to be developmentally disabled. Who would be eligible for Medicaid if they were in a nursing facility, but choose to remain at home.

PACE is a comprehensive health and social services program that provides and coordinates primary, preventive, acute, and LTSS for individuals in need of nursing facility care.
Workers with Disablities program provides full coverage to disabled individuals who are working. Individuals with lower income pay the normal Medicaid co-pays. Individuals with higher income pay higher co-pays.

Children and Family

Needy children under age 19 who meet income  and other requirements are eligible for full Medicaid coverage under the ARKids First program.
A parent or other caretaker relative of children under age 18 who meet income and other requirements are eligible for full Medicaid coverage.
Needy pregnant women who meet income and other requirements are eligible for full Medicaid coverage.
Pregnant women with income up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level may be eligible for limited coverage if they meet certain income and other criteria, including prenatal, delivery, postpartum and conditions which may complicate the pregnancy. Coverage continues through the pregnancy and until the end of the month that the 60th day postpartum falls.
HCIP individuals ages 19 - 64 who meet income and other requirements are eligible for health care services either through a QHP or traditional Medicaid.


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