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Service: Child Maltreatment Central Registry and Background Check Information and Notification | More Information

The Central Registry Unit maintains a statewide registry for the collection of child maltreatment investigation reports. Reports made to the Department are confidential and information included in the automated data system is retained to assist the department in assessing future risk and safety. The Background Check Information and Notification Unit assists with processing of required criminal record checks for staff, foster parents, and adoptive parents and issues notices regarding the child maltreatment investigative determination to all persons pursuant to A.C.A. § 12-18-703 et seq.

Child maltreatment investigation and child protective services information and records are confidential by law and cannot be released under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. However, some records can be released to certain people and entities, such as other state child protective services agencies, attorney ad litems, and individuals who are the subject of the records.

These individuals should work with the DHS Division of Children and Family Services Central Registry Unit to request child maltreatment central registry statuses and maltreatment/protective services case information and records.

Contact: 501-682-0405
Website: Central Registry

Foster Care and Adoption:

Service: Adoption and Guardianship
About: DCFS helps by providing a full range of adoption services, from finding families to adopt, to keeping a voluntary adoption registry. Services are also available to birth parents who chose to place their newborns for adoption.
Contact: 501 396-6199
Website: Adopt Arkansas
Service: Arkansas Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program
About: The Arkansas Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program offers funds to youth in foster care and former foster youth up to age 26 to enable them to attend colleges, universities, and vocational training institutions. Students may receive up to $5000 a year for four years as they pursue higher education. The funds may be used for tuition, books, or other qualified costs of attendance. These funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Contact: 501-682-2447
Service: Foster and Adoptive Parent Inquiry and Application
About: The Foster and Adoptive Parent Inquiry Unit provides assistance to individuals and couples seeking to become a foster or adoptive provider homes by conveying information about serving as a foster or adoptive home, providing technical assistance with filling out background checks, and assignment of the applicant to the local Resource Unit when appropriate for completion of the assessment and approval process once background checks are completed.
Contact: 501-682-8008
Website: Adoptive or Foster Parent Inquiry
Service: Foster Care
About: Foster parent support is a critical role in this unit which is achieved through working with foster parents to address concerns to supporting them in ensuring they have the tools they need to meet the needs of the children placed in their homes. The Foster Care Unit also manages foster home board payments, serves as the agency point of contact for Private License Placement Agencies, and assists in guiding resource staff regarding foster and adoptive home approval questions. This unit also processes foster parent and volunteer travel and maintains responsibility for the RAVE texting program and the online Foster and Adopt Provider Portal.
Contact: 501-396-6477 | Email
Website: Foster Arkansas
Service: Interstate Compact Placement of Children (ICPC)
About: The Interstate Compact Placement of Children (ICPC) Unit assist in moving children in need of foster care placement or adoption across state lines. When a child requires foster care or adoptive placement outside the resident state, DCFS shall use the ICPC process.
Contact: 501-682-8556
Service: Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
About: Each licensed adoption agency in Arkansas is allowed by law to establish an adoption registry. Qualified persons may register to be identified to each other or to receive non-identifying information about the genetic, health and social history of adoptees placed by their agency.
Contact: 501-396-6415 | Email
Website: Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry
Service: Transitional Youth Services
About: The Transitional Youth Services (TYS) Unit works with teens in foster care ages 14-21 to teach them basic life skills as they transition to adulthood. The program encourages youth to remain in school until graduation from high school and will then assist them with their post-secondary educational needs and training, other programs designed to remove barriers to employment, and/or entry into the workforce.
Contact: 501-320-6012

Prevention and Reunification :

Service: Child Abuse Prevention
About: The Child Abuse Prevention Program provides helpful information and resources to help prevent child abuse and neglect. The Arkansas Children’s Trust Fund is housed within the DCFS Child Abuse Prevention Program and is responsible for several initiatives such as All Babies Cry, the DCFS Parent Advisory Council, and the Baby and Me WIC Clinic Project.
Contact: 501-682-6248
Service: Child Protective Services | More Information
About: The Child Protective Services Unit provides oversight and monitoring of DCFS child maltreatment investigations and staff statewide. Family Service Worker (FSW) Investigators respond to allegations of child abuse and neglect that have been accepted through the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline. During the investigation, FSW Investigators conduct health and safety assessments of the children and must show a “preponderance of evidence” in order to substantiate (determined to be true) the allegation(s).
Contact: 501-396-6489
Service: Citizens Review Panel
About: Citizen Review Panels (CRPs) are federally mandated through the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA). Funding for CRPs is provided through DCFS, but the panels are comprised of citizens within the community who are passionate about improving the lives of children and families in Arkansas and strengthening the child welfare system. There are currently three CRPs in Arkansas that cover the following counties: Pope, Logan, Columbia, Hempstead, Lafayette, Nevada, and Ouachita.
Contact: 501-396-6489
Service: Differential Response
About: The Differential Response (DR) Program responds to allegations of low-risk child maltreatment. Families that have allegations that are diverted from the traditional investigative pathway to the DR Program are provided with short-term services designed to keep children from entering foster care.
Contact: 501-682-6807 | Email
Service: In Home Services
About: The In Home Services Unit provides oversight and programmatic planning for DCFS protective service cases (PS cases) and supportive service cases (SS cases) throughout the State of Arkansas. This unit is responsible for contracts that are community-based and designed to increase the strength and stability of families. There are several services/programs offered to DCFS clients through the In Home Unit including counseling, Intensive Family Services, Nurturing Families of Arkansas (in home parenting), language interpreters, and SafeCare in some counties. The main goals of the In Home Services Unit are to improve the practice of front line workers, strengthen and expand services throughout the state of Arkansas that allow children to remain safely at home and improve the lives of the families with whom we work, and increase support for families during and after reunification if removal occurred.
Contact: 501-682-8866


Service: Child Maltreatment | More Information
About: Anyone who suspects child maltreatment may report. Some people (for example, doctors, teachers and school counselors) must, by law, report suspected child maltreatment.
Contact: 1-800-482-5964
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