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Child Care Assistance | FAQs and Documents

Child Care Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will I be on the waiting list?

As services become available in a particular county, the Program Eligibility Specialist will contact the applicants based on the availability of day care services.

Q. Once I'm approved for Child Care Services how often will my case by reevaluated?

Every six (6) months.

Q. Why do I have to apply for Child Care services every year in order to stay on the waiting list?

If the original application is more than one year old, the applicant must complete a new application.  The applicant will also be required to provide proof of income, school attendance and other income eligibility factors.

Q. Why was I sent a denial letter?

The case record must document that each eligibility requirement has been met before services may be granted.

Q. How do I appeal a denial decision?

Whenever an application is denied, or an adverse action is taken on a case, the client will be informed in writing of the decision and of the right for a review of the decision.  The notice to the applicant/client must state that he/she has ten (10) days from the date of the Notice of Action in which to submit a request to Internal Review of the decision.

Q. Why must my newborn be added to the waiting list, if my other child(ren) is currently receiving a voucher?

All children born or added to the household after the original approval date must be placed on the waiting list.  If the recipient wishes to add children to the current case, the recipient must complete a new DCC-513 for the child(ren).  The additional children will not be given priority over those already on the county waiting list.

Q. When will my Child Care begin?

The effective date of child care services will be the date that the Program Eligibility Specialist makes a determination that all eligibility requirements have been met (not the date on the application), and a Certificate of Authorization has been keyed into the child care system.

Q. I am moving to another county, how do I change my child care provider?

When a client notifies the Program Eligibility Specialist that he/she is moving to another county and wants the day care case to remain open, the Program Eligibility Specialist in the original county must contact the Program Eligibility Specialist in the new county.

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