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What are State Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Councils?

 In 1986, the federal government passed a law that changed the way that mental healthcare was provided on the state level. Instead of top-down, medical professional-driven care, the planning process now had to include various stakeholder groups: consumers of mental health services, family members of adults with serious mental illness, representatives from state agencies as well as public and private entities concerned with the need, planning, operation, funding, and use of mental health services and related support services.

The Arkansas Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council was formed in 1989. The council continues to meet to this day. However, in effort to become more inclusive, the council was renamed the Arkansas Behavioral Health Planning and Advisory Council (ABHPAC).

What are ABHPAC’s duties?

The purpose of the planning council is to involve concerned citizens and stakeholders in planning and evaluating the behavioral health service delivery in Arkansas. ABHPAC’s mandate is to:


The Council is composed of  advocates, providers, consumers, family members and representatives of state and private agencies who advise the Division of Aging, Adult, & Behavioral Health Services, state legislature, and governor. Meetings are held every two months and the committee work structure is: block grant and service review, advocacy, and system evaluation.

ABHPAC invites you to consider membership in this important organization. Your knowledge, experience and insight are vital to the achievement of our goals. We seek a variety of viewpoints to be sure we consider the needs of all. For more information on meetings and membership please contact the Executive Chair Steven Blackwood at 501-920-8110 or the DAABHS Liaison Bridget Atkins at 501-686-9515.

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