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Adult Maltreatment

1-800-482-8049 - Adult Maltreatment Hotline


Adult Protectice Services (APS) investigates adult maltreatment complaints that includes abuse, exploitation, neglect, or sexual abuse of an adult (See Arkansas Code § 12-12-1703)

While APS investigates maltreatment complaints of individuals living in the community, The Office of Long Term Care handles complaints of individuals residing in long-term care facilities.

Examples of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation


Just a few examples of abuse include hitting, slapping, pinching, intentional physical acts that inflict pain or injury.


Failure to prrovide food, clothing, shelter, or medical treatment is consider neglect. The majority of APS cases involve self-neglect among our older Arkansans.


Exploitation is the misuse or theft of property, funds, or assets.

How is Maltreatment Reported?

Report maltreatment, abuse, neglect, or exploitation to the Adult Maltreatment Hotline at 1-800-482-8049.

Callers are asked a series of questions to determine if the referred individual meets the critera for a registered complaint. By law, the reporter's identity will remain confidential.

Callers are asked:

After a complaint is accepted by the hotline, a home visit is made by an APS worker, who will:

APS workers make every effort to involve family, friends, and community resources to develop a plan of action for the client.

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