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    • Service:Education System | More Information
      About:The Youth Education system is an enhancement of the knowledge and skills of each child that will produce successful academic experiences and outcomes that will be transferred and continued in the community upon release.
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    • Service:Community-based Programs | More Information
      About:The community-based program network consists of thirteen (13) non-profit organizations. The Division contracts with these programs to provide residential and non-residential services to youth who are delinquents, status offenders (FINS), or youth at risk (i.e., youth who exhibit behavior that if continued would bring them into contact with the juvenile justice system). Services are provided within the juvenile's own community, which is consistent with the concept of providing treatment in the least restrictive environment.
    • Service:Provider and Facility Directory | More Information
      About:Find community-based programs, specialized residential programs, non-residential progrms, residential programs, juvenile correction facilities and juvenile treatment centers.