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    • Service:Adult Day Care | More Information
      About:Adult Day Care Facilities provide custodial care, supervision, and social services. Adult Day Health Care Facilities provide organized programs of rehabilitative, therapeutic, and supportive health and social services and activities. These facilities serve functionally impaired adults for periods of less than 24 hours per day in a licensed structure.
      Contact:Call 501-320-6196 | Email
    • Service:Assisted Living | More Information
      About:Assisted Living Facilities provide services to residents 24 hours a day in performing all activities of daily living. They also provide limited nursing care.
      Contact:Call 501-320-6196 | Email
    • Service:ConnectCare Program
      About:The target population for ConnectCare is most Arkansas Medicaid beneficiaries for whom Medicaid is the primary payer. Included are all beneficiaries of Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Arkansas Transitional Employment Assistance.
      Website:ConnectCare Program
    • Service:Medicaid Program | Overview
      About:Medicaid is a program that helps pay for medically necessary medical services for needy and low-income persons. It uses state and federal government money.
      Contact:Call 800-482-5431
      Website:Medicaid Program | Overview
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    • Service:Long Term Care Complaints | More Information
      About:The Office of Long Term Care investigates complaints against facilities as well as allegations of abuse or neglect of residents, theft of residents' property, and poor quality of resident care. Investigations are confidential, and you do not have to give your name when you file a complaint. If you choose to give your name, the Office of Long Term Care informs you when the investigation is completed.
      Contact:Call 800-582-4887 | Email
    • Service:Long Term Care Facility Search | More Information
      About:Search by name, city or county for nursing facilities in Arkansas. Details include contact information, administrator, owner and type of facility.
    • Service:Long Term Care Facility Search by County | More Information
      About:Find nursing and long term care facilities in your county. Details include contact information, administrator, owner and type of facility.
    • Service:TEFRA Program
      About:TEFRA 134(a), a provision of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, allows states to extend Medicaid coverage to certain disabled children. Also known as the Katie Beckett option, TEFRA is a category of Medicaid that provides care to disabled children in their homes rather than in institutions.
      Website:TEFRA Program
    • Service:Title XIX (Medicaid) Program
      About:Commonly referred to as Medicaid, Title XIX of the Social Security Act provides for federal grants to the states for medical assistance programs.
      Website:Title XIX (Medicaid) Program