Waiver Services


The DDS Waiver Services section provides a variety of community-based services to eligible individuals in addition to the management, policy development, planning and administration of the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver.
Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Services are available to a limited number of individuals as an alternative to ICF/MR placement.  Under this waiver, individuals may receive services such as Case Management, Waiver Coordination, Supported Living Services, Non-Medical Transportation, Adaptive Equipment, Environmental Modifications, Supplemental Support Services, Consultation Services, and Crisis Intervention Services, through DDS licensed community providers.


Information on the HCBS settings rule and the Arkansas state transition plan:

Home and Community Based Services
Long Term Services and Supports

In order to contact us directly regarding the HCBS settings rule, please email us at dhs.hcbs.rule.questions@dhs.arkansas.gov


New!  Click here to review the draft ACS HCBS Renewal application. To make comments or ask questions, please contact us directly at 1915c.renewal.questions@dhs.arkansas.gov

Please click here to review the cover letter draft.


To apply for Children's services, call 501-682-2277
To apply for Adult services, call 501-682-8678 or 501-683-5687
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Waiver Eligibility Information WEB
Waiver Application PDF
Priority Waitlist Information​ ​PDF
Appeal Information ​PDF
Children with Disabilities Service Guide ​PDF
Adults with Disabilities Service Guide | English ​PDF
Adults with Disabilities Service Guide | Spanish PDF​
U.S Department of Health and Human Services, Medicare and Medicaid Services | Opens in New Window​ ​WEB

Waiver Renewals

The following documents regard the implementation of the ACS Waiver renewal effective March 1, 2010.
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Waiver Renewal FAQs​ PDF​
Waiver Renewal Training PDF
Waiver Renewal Form Changes PDF
ACS 103 | Social History Form ​PDF
ACS 104 | Areas of Need Form ​PDF
ACS 105 | Withdrawl Form ​PDF
ACS 107 | Minimum Wage Change Form ​PDF
ACS 108 | PCSP CSR Narrative Form PDF​
ACS 109 | Risk Assessment Form PDF
ACS 110 | Pro-Rated Staff Worksheets ​PDF
ACS 111 | Unable to Serve Form ​PDF
ACS 115 | Change of Address Form ​PDF
ACS 116 | Abeyance Monthly Report ​PDF
ACS 204 | Waiver Face Sheet ​PDF
ACS 703 | Waiver POC Forms ​PDF
Waiver Services Maxiumum Rates | 2010 ​PDF

Waiver Training

The following presentations supplement Waiver Services information.

​ACS Waiver Overview

A PowerPoint presentation that highlights waiver history, the application process and the services available in Arkansas’ ACS waiver.

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ACS Waiver Overview | History, application process and services PPT

Case Management Discussion

A PowerPoint presentation that identifies the roles of the provider Case Manager and the Direct Care Supervisor within the waiver.

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Case Managment | Roles of Provider Case Manager and Direct Care Supervisor PPT

Priority for Waiver Services

Training material on who receives priority for a waiver slot highlighting that an individual residing in certain facilities receive priority and must not be discharged before waiver services are in place or priority will be lost along with an overview of the process of making application toward eventual transitioning of an individual from a facility to the waiver.

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Priority for Waiver Services​ ​PDF

Levels of Care

A PowerPoint presentation that identifies, defines and discusses the 3 levels of care that have relevance in the waiver.

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Three Levels of Care for Waiver Services PPT

Pervasive Level Training

A PowerPoint presentation that provides insight on how Pervasive Level is defined, documented, requested and reviewed and approved by DDS.

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Pervasive Level Training PPT


A PowerPoint presentation that provides details on the "who, what, when, where and why" regarding placing a waiver case in abeyance.

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​Abeyance Guidelines ​PPT

Pro-Rated Staff

The procedures, forms and a Power Point presentation detailing how to disclose costs when individuals in the Waiver share staff.

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ACS 110 Pro-Rated Staff Worksheets PDF
ACS Pro-Rated (Shared) Staff PDF

Health and Safety Assurances

A PowerPoint presentation that discusses health and safety assurances from the CMS “big picture” to actual assessment and delivery of services. Also, a MS Word document that can be used to assess factors toward MAPS planning.

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Health and Safety Assurance ​PPT
Health and Safety Prescreening Tool ​PDF

Supported Employment

Supported Employment under the Waiver is the topic of the following PowerPoint presentation. It is useful information for providers seeking to become a Supported Employment provider, to individuals seeking the service under the Waiver and for DDS personnel.

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Supported Employment Provider Information PPT

Encrypted Email From DDS

A recent change to the DHS system allows for outgoing email containing sensitive information to be encrypted. Now DDS does not use WinZip to encrypt outgoing email nor does DDS maintain a password for email recipients.

PES/PAM Systems for PA’s

As of January 2009, providers can use Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) through EDS to request Prior Authorizations for Waiver Services. DDS will use Prior Authorization Manipulation (PAM) to approve the requests with PA’s issued within 20 minutes of approval. Below is a PowerPoint presentation on these systems and the process along with MS Word documents detailing provider and DDS processes.

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Prior Authorization Manipulation (PAM) and Provider Electronic Solutions (PES) Information​ ​PPT
Provider PES Process PDF
DDS Staff PAM Process PDF