Booneville Human Development Center


The Booneville Human Development Center has a licensed capacity of 159 beds.  As of May 2011, Booneville HDC serves 145 adults with developmental disabilities.  Eighty-eight percent of the residents are also diagnosed with mental illness.  The residents at the HDC range from 20-73 years of age.

Booneville HDC is assisting residents develop new skills and improve established skills while they continue to be involved in the local community.  Various on-campus work programs and training projects include a rug weaving program, paper recycling, and custodial/food service training opportunities. 

Rugs made by clients are sold annually at numerous craft fairs.  The process of sorting and cleaning loops as well as the actual weaving of the rugs allows clients to engage in productive pre-vocational training tasks at all functional levels.  Paper for the recycling program is gathered from nineteen school districts in six counties, which allows clients to be engaged in a worthwhile project while preserving the environment.  Clients are involved in sorting, shredding, and baling the paper products.

Staff and clients enjoy visits to local restaurants, movie theaters, public parks, football games, county fairs, and retail stores.  This gives clients an opportunity to practice their money skills, social skills, and communication skills while interacting with the local community.  They also have the opportunity to attend worship services on campus and in town.


  • Office | Hours:Booneville HDC | 8a-4:30p M-F
    Address:87 Reed Road, Hwy. 116 South, Booneville, AR 72927
    Administrator:Jeff Gonyea
    Contact:479-675-2121 | 479-675-2518 | Email