Economic Impact of Volunteers

The level of services provided to the citizens of Arkansas would be greatly diminished without the vital services provided by volunteers.

The Economic Impact of Arkansas Volunteers was first published in 1984 by the Department of Human Services Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support. The information is compiled and published annually in collaboration with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Institute for Economic Advancement Research Group. The most recent study was released in October 2013. 

The eight hundred and thirty-seven (837) organizations that responded to the current survey indicated that people of all ages serve as volunteers.  The survey identifies who is volunteering and the services they are performing. Volunteers are not only the backbone of the nonprofit sector they also contribute greatly to city, county and state government. Without question, volunteers enlarge the capacity and quality of service delivery, provide clear economic savings, and enhance community relations and organizational productivity. 

The current volunteer survey based on 837 responding groups:

​Total Hours: ​23,568,410
Total Volunteers: ​595,078
Total Estimated Dollar Value: ​$569,183,199

Note: Estimated dollar value used is $21.79 per hour based on the most current study as reported by Independent Sector, Washington, DC at the time the data was collected. The current dollar value used is $22.14.  
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Legal Guide for Arkansas Nonprofit and Volunteer Organizations

The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support publishes this legal guide in partnership with UALR William H. Bowen School of Law, and Williams & Anderson PLC.   

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