Volunteer Training

About the Training

In order to assist nonprofit organizations, the faith based community, and those who work with volunteers, DCSNS offers training on a variety of topics designed to build organizational capacity. Training is provided by area representatives, can be customized to meet your organization's needs, and is free of charge to participants.

What kinds of topics do you provide training on?

A list of Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support training topics is available for download below.  Customized training is also available.  If your training request is not listed, please contact our office to see if a customized training can be developed.  You may also contact your area representative to check schedules for training, or to ask specific questions about the content of a subject.

Is there any charge?

No, all Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support services are free to the public.
Can an organization/group request one specific program developer or area representative to do training outside of their area?
Yes, trainers can train anywhere in the state, according to their schedules
How many people are required in a group for DCSNS to develop and present training?
We like a group of at least 15 people to be present.  Individual technical assistance is available on a one-on-one basis.  Please contact your area rep for further information.
Where can I find out how to establish a board for my nonprofit?
The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support offers training on establishing and maintaining a nonprofit board.  Printed materials are available in the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support Resource Library.  You can find additional materials and order an e-bulletin, Board Café online at http://www.compasspoint.org/.
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Volunteer Training Topics PDF