Volunteer Recognition

Governor's Volunteer Recognition Program

As the awarding agency for the Governor's Volunteer Recognition Program, DCSNS provides recognition materials for volunteer programs statewide. These materials range from certificates to bookmarks, from promotional packets to help promote your programs, to contact information for national recognition.  All materials are provided free of charge.

For more information on how to request items, and to download the official Recognition Packet which lists items available, click on the Recognition Packet PDF below.  
Due to the influx of requests, there are a few guidelines when ordering material.
  1. Bookmarks must be ordered in quantities of 25 or more - please allow 2 weeks for processing.
  2. Certificate request must be submitted at least 3-4 weeks before your recognition event. The limit is 250 certificates per request.   The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support wants all of your volunteers to be recognized.  If you have a larger request,  please contact our office so that assist in making your event successful.
  3. Governor's letters are for individual or businesses that has provided 5 or more years to your organization or community group. Your request must be submitted at least 4 weeks before your recognition event.  Also, you now may only request a maximum of 5 letters per request.

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Governor's Volunteer Recognition Program Packet PDF


Additional Volunteer Recognition Information

Where can I find gifts and recognition items for our volunteers?

Start on the local level to identify businesses, agencies and individuals that are friendly to your organization and its mission, or that might become friends and provide free gifts.  Remember that DCSNS offers certificates for volunteers as well.  Gift items are available at web sites for the Points of Light Foundation.  Commercial providers of gift items with your logo include Best Impressions, Crestline, Positive Promotions and Baudville.
Where can I find a good speaker for a volunteer recognition event?
Try looking close to home… the mayor, county judge, a city council member, a successful businessman, and the president of an organization like Rotary or Kiwanis, a prominent member of the clergy or an educator.  Members of the Division of Community Service and Nonptofit Support staff are also willing to speak at such events.
How do I request recognition items from DCSNS?
The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support publishes a Recognition Information Packet (available in print or online), which outlines the guidelines for requesting certificates, and other recognition items available from the division. 
What is the waiting period for recognition items from DCSNS?
Generally, we require four weeks advance notice for certificates (250 maximum), and four weeks for Governor’s letters (5 maximum). 
How many hours must a volunteer have served before he/she is eligible for a certificate from the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support?
The minimum number of hours for an individual is 50.  There are several categories of recognition, however, these are outlined in the Recognition Information Packet. There are special cases where less than 50 hours can be recognized.
Is there any kind of national recognition for outstanding volunteers?
The Points of Light Award is one of the most well known national volunteer awards. Visit The Points of Light Foundation website for information on submitting nominations for this as well as for The Awards for Excellence in Corporate Community Service, The National Family Volunteer Award and The President's Community Volunteer Award.  The President's Volunteer Service Awards is an initiative of The Corporation for National and Community Service.


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