Arkansas Service Commission
AmeriCorps, also known as the domestic Peace Corps, engages Americans of all ages in service opportunities each year. AmeriCorps members serve with local nonprofits and community agencies, where they have the opportunity to teach adults to read, make neighborhoods safer, teach children how to be healthier, as well as respond to and assist in natural disasters. In Arkansas, AmeriCorps members have been able to serve over 80,000 people. Most of these AmeriCorps members serve with projects like Arkansas Garden Corps, Legal Aid of Arkansas, and Arkansas Future Teacher Initiative, as well as many others.  Members can also serve in AmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), AmeriCorps*NCCC (the National Civilian Community Corps), and in Senior Corps in locations across America. Arkansas has AmeriCorps programs operating in all of its 75 counties.
For the 2013-2014 program year, the Arkansas Service Commission has awarded AmeriCorps*State grants to 13 community-based programs listed below. 
  • State AmeriCorps Programs
    • Program:ADRDN AmeriCorps Program
      Description:Provides prescription assistance and health education in 12 Delta counties.
      Sponsor:Mid Delta Community Consortium
      Contact:Anna Huff Davis
      Address:120 South 7th Street, P.O. Box 2524, West Helena, AR 72390
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 870-572-5518 | Fax: 870-572-5567 | email
    • Program:Alternative Classroom Experience/Summer Camp
      Description:Residential educational and social development for school-age children in Central Arkansas.
      Sponsor:Kiwanis Activities, Inc. (Pfeifer Kiwanis Camp) | Website
      Contact:Binky Martin-Tollette
      Address:5512 Ferndale Cutoff Rd., Little Rock, AR 72223
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-821-3714 | Fax: 501-821-2629 | email
    • Program:American Red Cross- Prevent, Prepare, Respond
      Description:Meeting community needs through a Red Cross Prevent, Prepare and Respond disaster readiness program throughout Arkansas
      Sponsor:American Red Cross
      Contact:Roger Elliot
      Address:401 South Monroe, Little Rock, AR 72204
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-748-1010 | Fax: 501-664-7486 | email
    • Program:AmeriCorps Family Outreach
      Description:School-based liaisons for non-English speaking families in northwest Arkansas.
      Sponsor:Rogers/Springdale Public Schools
      Contact:Mary Bridgforth
      Address:800 East Emma St., Springdale, AR 72764
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 479-750-8706 | Fax: 479-750-8791 | email
    • Program:Arkansas Coordinated School Health Program
      Description:To Educate and promote healthier lifestyle choices with regard to physical activity, nutrition, oral health and tobacco use in Southeast Arkansas.
      Sponsor:South Arkansas Education Service Cooperative | Website
      Contact:Becky Bolin
      Address:1022 Scogin Drive, Monticello, AR 71655
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 870-367-6848 | Fax: 870-367-9877 | email
    • Program:Arkansas Future Teacher Initiative
      Description:Statewide early childhood educational development.
      Sponsor:Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative | Website
      Contact:Candace Howard
      Address:1022 Scogin Drive, Monticello, AR 71655
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 870-367-4830 | Fax: 870-367-9877 | email
    • Program:Arkansas GardenCorps
      Description:Providing health programs to address obesity in at-risk children.
      Sponsor:Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute
      Contact:Emily English
      Address:13 Children's Way, Little Rock, AR 72202
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-364-3390 | Fax: 501-364-1950 | email or email
    • Program:Arkansas Reads
      Description:Statewide adult literacy and English as a second language tutoring.
      Sponsor:Arkansas Literacy Councils, Inc. | Website
      Contact:Belinda Sanders
      Address:525 W. Capitol Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-907-2490 | Fax: 501-907-2492 | email
    • Program:Arkansas Smart Start
      Description:Tutoring and mentoring for school-age children in Southeast Arkansas.
      Sponsor:Southeast Arkansas Education Service Cooperative | Website
      Contact:Jenny Satterlee
      Address:1022 Scogin Drive, Monticello, AR 71655
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 870-367-4825 | Fax: 870-367-9877 | email
    • Program:Community Initiative of Arkansas
      Description:Providing small site placements addressing education and healthy living throughout the state.
      Sponsor:DHS/Div. Community Service & Nonprofit Support
      Contact:Kimberly Simpson
      Address:P.O. Box 1437, Slot S-230, Little Rock, AR 72203
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-320-6599 | Fax: 501-682-6752 | email
    • Program:ELEVATE
      Description:Addressing the achievement gap through high quality pre-school, after school and summer school programs in the Fayetteville area.
      Sponsor:Prism Education Center
      Contact:Misty Newcomb
      Address:2190 S. Razorback Rd., Fayetteville, AR 72701-7908
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 479-249-6113 | email
    • Program:Justice for Arkansas
      Description:Provide equal access to justice in civil legal matters to low income Arkansans.
      Sponsor:Legal Aid of Arkansas, Inc. | Website
      Contact:Elizabeth King
      Address:1200 Henryetta Street, Springdale, AR 72762
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 479-442-0600 | Fax: 479-442-0603 | email
  • Federal AmeriCorps Programs
    • Program:American YouthWorks Environmental Corps
      Contact:Chris Sheffield
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 512-970-7684 | email
    • Program:AmeriCorps NCCC
      Contact:Chris Neukom
      Address:3001 South Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80236
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 303-844-7405 | Fax: 303-844-7410 | email
    • Program:Boys & Girls Clubs of America
      Contact:Michelle King
      Address:1230 W Peachtree St N W, Atlanta, GA 30309-3447
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 404-487-5808 | Fax: 404-487-5789 | email
    • Program:City Year Little Rock
      Contact:Sarah Roberson
      Address:610 President Clinton Ave, Ste 300, Little Rock, AR 72201
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-707-1400 | email
    • Program:Foster Grandparents Program
      Contact:Sharon Mohammed
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-852-8422 | email
    • Program:Goodwill Community Corps
      Contact:Kim Hogue
      Address:1110 West 7th Street, Little Rock, AR 72201
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-372-5100 ext 173 | email
    • Program:Habitat for Humanity
      Contact:Jenny Agar
      Address:6700 South University, Little Rock, AR 72209
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-376-4434 ex.21 | Fax: 501-325-1687 | email or email
    • Program:National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)
      Sponsor:Arkansas Energy Corps | Website
      Contact:Dan Dean
      Address:207 West Center St., Fayetteville, AR 72701
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 479-442-9824 | email
    • Program:Student Conservation Association
      Contact:Kate Hagner
      Address:PO Box 550, Charlestown, NH 03603
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 603-543-1700 | Fax: 603-543-1828 | email
    • Program:Teach for America
      Contact:Angela Shirey
      Address:PO Box 2544, West Helena, AR 72390
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 870-338-6600 | Fax: 870-338-7330 | email
    • Program:VISTA & Senior Programs
      Sponsor:Corporation for National and Community Service
      Contact:Opal Sims
      Address:700 West Capitol Room 2506, Little Rock, AR 72201
      Phone/Fax/email:Phone: 501-324-5234 | Fax: 501-324-6949 | email