Mission Statement

The Mission of DHS Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support is to strengthen community resources, volunteerism and national service in Arkansas.


Vision Statement

The Vision of DHS Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support is guided by the principle that volunteerism, community and national service is a right and responsibility of all citizens and that all people will experience an improved quality of life as a result of this service.

DCSNS Organizational Chart

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support, and what does it do?
The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support is the oldest state office of volunteerism in the nation.  The DHS Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support mission is to strengthen community resources, volunteerism and national service in Arkansas.
Do you have a branch office in our area?
Although all DCSNS staff are housed in the central office complex in Little Rock, there are Area Representatives who cover six different regions of the state. These area representatives travel to meet with organizations and individuals, and to conduct training and technical assistance around the state.
What are Program Developers?
Program Management Consultants are employees of DCSNS whose job it is to help build capacity in organizations around the state. Six Program Management Consultants, on staff also serve as area representatives.
Who makes the decision on the value of the volunteer’s time?
The Washington, DC think tank, Independent Sector, establishes the hourly value each year. DCSNS uses this figure.
What is the dollar value of a volunteer?
The current hourly rate is $21.36. This number comes from Independent Sector.
Why is the dollar value of a volunteer per hour higher than the hourly rate for employees in Arkansas?
Independent Sector uses a variety of figures when calculating the hourly rate. Included are wages from professional level jobs to unskilled labor, factoring in not only the hourly wage, but also fringe benefits. So, the figure you see is actually an average that would fit most any person, from the medical doctor to the manual laborer.
Where can I find a good speaker for a volunteer recognition event?
Try looking close to home… the mayor, county judge, a city council member, a successful businessman, and the president of an organization like Rotary or Kiwanis, a prominent member of the clergy or an educator.  Members of the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support staff are also willing to speak at such events.
How much does it cost per year to recruit and maintain a volunteer?
A recent study by the Grant Maker Forum shows a wide variety of responses to this question.  Of the 17 organizations studied, six reported having no budget for the volunteer program, which is not the same as having no volunteer costs. Among the 11 organizations reporting that they had a budget, per-volunteer costs ranged form $.66 per year to $458 per year, with the average being $ 130.49. You may download the study from the website.
Where can I find a good place to offer my volunteer services?
We suggest beginning close to home, at a local school, your church, synagogue or mosque or a local service organization such as Kiwanis or Big Brothers Big Sisters.  If your community has a volunteer center, it can provide helpful suggestions. You may also want to check out the USA FreedomCorps website.
Can the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support provide volunteers for my agency or project?
The Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support does not have a cadre of volunteers to match with your agency or project needs.  It does offer excellent training on volunteer recruitment and retention.  It also suggests listing your volunteer opportunities with a community volunteer center or on the USA FreedomCorps web site.
What is in-kind match?
In-kind match is any goods or services contributed to an organization to help it achieve its mission to which monetary value can be assigned.  Examples would be office space, utilities, and use of a copier or training.  Foundations often require grantees to document match, both cash and in-kind, in their regular reports.

Related Legislation​

ACT 42 of 1981        
An ACT to encourage Volunteer Citizen Participation by providing their time, talents, and abilities to help others through volunteer programs.

ACT 186 of 1989
An ACT to amend AR Code 25-16-206 to establish the Division of Volunteerism in the Department of Human Services; to provide for the position of Deputy Director who shall be the administrator of the Division; to prescribe and clarify the authority and responsibility of the Division.

ACT 268 0f 1997      
An ACT to establish the Disaster Service Volunteer Leave Act.

ACT 276 of 1997      
An ACT to grant Volunteer Immunity for licensed Health Care professionals.

ACT 390 of 1987 
An ACT to provide that qualified Volunteers shall not be civilly liable for personal injury or property damage resulting from any act or omission in carrying out their volunteer activities.

ACT 648 of 1993  
An ACT to require by the 1996-97 school year the implementation of a Community Service Program for Secondary Schools.

ACT 865 of 1977
An ACT to establish an Office of Volunteer Services in the Office of the Governor.

ACT 970 of 1987
An ACT limiting tort immunity to Directors of Non-profit Corporations and members of Boards, Commissions, Agencies, Authorities, and other governing bodies of any governmental entity.

ACT 1012 0f 1997 
An ACT to establish a registered Volunteer Program in order that the Public Schools may provide greater opportunities for students to participate in extracurricular and interscholastic activities and may use valuable human resources within the local community.

ACT 1259 of 1997 
An ACT to amend AR Code 25-1-128 to expand the duties of the Division of Volunteerism in the Department of Human Services.

Public Law 101-610 
State Commissions on National Service.

Public Law 105-19 
The Volunteer Protection ACT of 1997.  An ACT to provide certain protections to Volunteers, Non-Profit organizations, and Governmental entities in lawsuits based on the activities of volunteers.

ACT 42 of 2011                                                                                                                                        An Act to change the name of the Division of Volunteerism to the Division of Community Service and Nonprofit Support.