Division of Children and Family Services Advisory Board

About the Board

The Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) formed an Advisory Board to advise DCFS on our policies, management, planning, use of resources, and service delivery.  The DCFS Advisory Board will:
  • Reflect the interest of the citizens of the State of Arkansas, especially Arkansas children and their families
  • Reflect the demographics of the State of Arkansas (i.e. Will reflect the geographic, racial, and cultural diversity of the state)
  • Ensure the organizations policies and performance uphold the public interest
  • Include consumers of DCFS services, and
  • Serve as the link between DCFS and the public (i.e., will serve as a source of information and communication both ways).
DCFS will present to the Board:
  • Policies, either proposed or contemplated, and other policy issues pending;
  • Demographics and statistics on children and families receiving services;
  • Data on outcomes of service
  • CQI Committee reports, Risk Management reports, QA reports and other reports issued by or about DCFS;
  • Plans and status reports on implementation of plans;
  • Budgets;
  • Information on allocation of staff and workloads;
  • Information on services purchased; and
  • Other issues or concerns on which DCFS desires advice.
The Advisory Board will advise on issues that DCFS presents and will also bring to DCFS and to the Board concerns that they have or that have been brought to their attention about DCFS policies, management, plans, use of resources, and service delivery.
The Board will meet quarterly, beginning in October 2003. Minutes will be taken at each Board meeting and share with DCFS management and staff and with board members.
The Board will be comprised of at least one person from each of the ten DCFS Service Areas.  Members will include the following:
  • DCFS Family Service Worker or Specialist
  • DCFS county Supervisor
  • DCFS Area Manager
  • DCFS Foster parent
  • DCFS Adoptive Parent
  • DCFS Provider
  • Two consumers of DCFS services
  • Child Advocate
  • Juvenile Court Judge
  • Legislator
  • Community member at large
  • 3 other members at large
  • Attorney Ad Litem
  • OCC Attorney
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate
  • Mental health provider
  • Representative of the Disability Community
  • An Educator
  • A Representative of the Faith Community

COA Standards for Advisory Board

Advisory Board:
An organized, voluntary group formally established by the organization to consider all aspects of the organization's operations and make recommendations to the governing body regarding policies, programs, community needs, organizational resources, etc. Such disinterested citizen participation in overseeing the affairs of the organization is a fundamental expectation of organizations seeking COA accreditation. Instances in which an advisory board is appropriate include:
  1. An organization that has a governing body of one, as may be the case in a corporation sole;
  2. A governing body composed of owners or investors, as may be the case in a privately held for-profit organization; or
  3. A governing body that exercises ultimate authority over the organization along with other governmental entities, as may occur in public organizations

Meeting Minutes 

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