Arkansas Child and Family Service Review

​CFSR Overview

The Department of Health and Human Services introduced child welfare regulations to improve outcomes for abused and neglected children, children in foster care, and children awaiting adoption. States are assessed for compliance with Federal requirements for child protective services, foster care, adoption and family preservation and support services under titles IV-B and IV-E of the Social Security Act.  This process includes a statewide assessment and an on-site review of the Division's service delivery.   

Program Improvement Plans

States are required to develop and implement a Program Improvement Plan (PIP) to address any of the outcomes or systemic factors determined not to be in substantial conformity in the Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) report. 

CFSR/PIP 2008-2009

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CFSR | Executive Summary PDF
CFSR | Statewide Assessment ​PDF
CFSR | Statewide Assessment Outline ​PDF
PIP | Approved Matrix ​PDF
PIP | Approved Narrative ​PDF
PIP | Final Part B ​PDF
PIP | Final Part C ​PDF
PIP | Team Member Contact Information PDF​

CFSR/PIP 2000-2003

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CFSR | Review Findings PPT
CFSR | Statewide Asssessment​ PDF​
CFSR | Focus Group Session Summary ​PDF
CFSR | Final Review Report Executive Summary ​PDF
CFSR | Final Review Report ​PDF
PIP | Introduction ​PDF
PIP | Workplan ​PDF
PIP | Matrix ​PDF