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    • Service:Adventures In Learning Program
      About:Adventures in Learning, a comprehensive curriculum for children from three to five, features 40 topics of study in nine focus areas. Each topic is introduced with familiar children’s books and has a strong language and literacy emphasis.
      Website:Adventures In Learning Program
    • Service:Ages and Stages Pilot Project Program | More Information
      About:Program created to analyize questionnaire data from parents and physicians regarding early childhood programs within child care facilities.
    • Service:Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 Months | More Information
      About:Educational guidelines and benchmarks for infants and toddlers.
    • Service:Arkansas Children's Week | More Information
      About:Annual event to highlight the needs of children in Arkansas. This program offers assistance in developing and promoting child-friendly activities for large or small audiences.
    • Service:Arkansas Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative | More Information
      About:AECCS assists with coordinating and integrating statewide systems that support families and communities in the development of all children so that they are healthy and ready to learn.
    • Service:BAMMM Program | More Information
      About:Learning program is a series of twelve activities that begins with a children’s book, extends to movement activities that are suggested in the book, and expands to include related curriculum activities and ideas for enhancing the learning environment.
    • Service:Child Safety Programs
      About:The Injury Prevention Center has created a full year of informational inserts covering an array of safety topics for community use. Available as jpeg images on a CD, the inserts feature safety tips and resources specific to the early childhood years, and may be used in parent newsletters and e-mails, church bulletins and newsletters, or other similar materials. They can also be printed as a full page for posting on bulletin boards or in other common areas. The 13 topics include: Safe Sleep for Infants, Product and Toy Recalls, Medication Safety, Playground Safety, Water Safety, Home Safety, Sun Safety, Injury PreventionTricycle Safety, Child Passenger Safety, Seat Belt Use, Safety Around Cars, Burn Prevention, and Toy and Gift Safety.
      Contact:Call 501-364-3414 | Email
    • Service:Creative Adventures with Literature Program
      About:This program is a collection of curriculum guides that integrate literature and the creative arts for teachers of children from three to five are using in their classrooms. They will be introduced to the works of well-known artists and to the various techniques used by illustrators of some of the children’s books that are included.
      Website:Creative Adventures with Literature Program
    • Service:Kindergarten Readiness Program | More Information
      About:This program was developed to help teachers and caregivers in preschool to have a role in assisting children migrate to a kindergarten setting.
    • Service:Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP-SACC)
      About:A self-assessment and training opportunity for child care providers (homes and centers) to identify changes in nutrition and physical activity plans to support optimum growth for young children and wellness activities for the adult caregivers. The program is offered thorough local Child Care Resource and Referral agencies (click to map of CCR&R) NAP-SACC newsletters
    • Service:Safety Week Program
      About:Hosting a Safety Week is a great way for childcare and early childhood education programs to educate children, parents and professionals about injury prevention strategies that can be used at home and on the go. A Safety Week combines children's activities, parent training and handouts, staff development, and ideas for other special events into a week-long focus on the prevention of injuries, especially those that are common during the early years of life. The Injury Prevention Center now offers a free Safety Week tool kit available on a CD. The tool kit includes templates for planning and advertising a Safety Week event, suggested parent and staff handouts and presentations, and recommendations for children's classroom activities.
      Contact:Call 501-364-3400
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