Arkansas Early Childhood Commission

Mission Statement

As good stewards of the public trust, we will advise the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education in supporting the optimal and ongoing development of young children in Arkansas.

The AECC will provide support by:

  • Ensuring access to a safe, healthy and high-quality early childhood education,
  • Providing information to support a developmentally appropriate and nurturing learning environment,
  • Providing feedback and strategies to support quality training to child care providers, other staff, and educating the community.
  • Educating, assisting, and engaging parents and families, and
  • Engaging in state partnerships that will build systems and enhance the future success for all children. (Adopted April 2013)


The goals of the Arkansas Early Childhood Commission are to:

  1. Improve the overall quality of care in infant and toddler programs
  2. Engage families in the child's education through research-based programs that enhances child outcomes and success in school
  3. State policies should create an integrated system of professional development uniting the early childhood sectors- child care; HS; pre-k; public schools; early intervention and special education services. (Adopted from Workforce Designs Nation Association for the Education of Young Children)
  4. Support restructuring, expanding and growing Better Beginnings/Quality Rating Improvement System
  5. Strengthen and expand local and state partnerships with other agencies and organizations for connected action (Established April 2009)
  6. Create awareness of Health and Nutrition Programs and educate parents, children and child care providers on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle


Name Represents Term Expires Email
  • Amy DentonBusiness7/1/2017Email
  • VacantParent
  • Dr. Charisse ChildersDepartment of Career Education1/1/2018Email
  • VacantSchool District
  • Deborah MaysFamily Child Care Provider6/30/2018Email
  • Evelyn BassEducation Professional7/1/2016Email
  • Gene RoebuckBusiness7/1/2016Email
  • Jackie GovanHead Start Collaboration6/30/2018Email
  • Jody Veit-EdringtonNLR Public School District7/1/2016Email
  • Dr. Kathy Pillow-PriceHIPPY6/30/2018Email
  • Kim WhitmanSocial/Emotional Clinical Provider6/30/2018Email
  • Dr. Matthew NixAmerican Academy of Family Physicians7/1/2017Email
  • Michelle BarnesProvider - Helen Walton Center7/1/2017Email
  • Ryan ClaybornHead Start6/30/2018Email
  • Senator Ronald CaldwellSenate Committee on EducationHeld by positionEmail
  • Shirley PulliamMigrant & Seasonal Head Start6/30/2018Email
  • Stacy SmithDepartment of Education1/1/2019Email
  • Talicia RichardsonHouse Committee Children & YouthHeld by positionEmail
  • VacantSenate Children & Youth
  • Dr. Kathy CollinsCouncil of DeansHeld by positionEmail
  • VacantProvider
  • VacantHouse Committee on Education
  • VacantEarly Head Start
  • VacantAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
  • VacantDepartment of Health

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