Arkansas Early Childhood Commission

Mission Statement

As good stewards of the public trust, we will advise the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education in supporting the optimal and ongoing development of
young children in Arkansas.

The AECC will provide support by:

  • Ensuring access to a safe, healthy and high-quality early childhood education,
  • Providing information to support a developmentally appropriate and nurturing learning environment,
  • Providing feedback and strategies to support quality training to child care providers, other staff, and educating the community.
  • Educating, assisting, and engaging parents and families, and
  • Engaging in state partnerships that will build systems and enhance the future success for all children. (Adopted April 2013)


Name Represents Term Expires Email
  • Evelyn BassEducation Professional7/1/2013Email
  • Dr. Tracy TuckerDepartment of EducationEmail
  • Marilyn ChambersHamburg Public School District7/1/2014Email
  • Janice DancerHead Start7/1/2015Email
  • Amy DentonBusiness7/1/2013Email
  • VacantDepartment of Career EducationEmail
  • Missy DukeBusiness7/1/2013Email
  • Jody Veit-EdringtonNLR Public School District7/1/2013Email
  • VacantHIPPYEmail
  • Diane GreenHouse Committee Children & Youth7/1/2014Email
  • Gene GregorySenate Committee on Education7/1/2013Email
  • Nickie HammontreeProvider7/1/2013Email
  • Patricia LucasFamily Child Care Provider7/1/2015Email
  • Debbie MaloneProvider7/1/2014Email
  • VacantParentEmail
  • Kathy Pillow-PriceHouse Committee on Education7/1/2015Email
  • Jackie DedmanHead Start Collaboration7/1/2015Email
  • Shirley PulliamMigrant & Seasonal Head Start7/1/2015Email
  • Rhonda AhrentEarly Head Start7/1/2015Email
  • Dr. Chad RogersAcademy of Pediatrics7/1/2015Email
  • Dr. Haley VoAcademy of Family Physicians7/1/2014Email
  • VacantDepartment of HealthEmail
  • Dr. Jill FussellSocial/Emotional Clinical Provider7/1/2015Email
  • Barbara WarrenSenate Committee on Children & Youth7/1/2015Email

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