Arkansas Better Chance Program

Important Notice

Revised ADE Rules

Attention: The ADE Rules Governing the Arkansas Better Chance Program have been revised and approved. The new Rules became effective October 26, 2012.

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Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing the Arkansas Better Chance Program PDF


The Arkansas Better Chance program is funded through an appropriation in the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Public School Fund budget. ADE contracts with the DHS Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education to administer the program. The Division is responsible for all operational duties associated with ABC. The State Board of Education is the final authority for approval of rules and grants. The Division gives regular reports and updates to the State Board of Education, as well as an annual report to the Joint Legislative Committee on Education.

Act 49

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Act 49 PDF

Pre-K Alignment with Common Core

The AR Framework Benchmark Summary Table has been revised to better align with national Common Core Standards that were adopted by Arkansas in July, 2010. Extensive research has taken place to assure that these standards are appropriate for developmental stages of pre-k children as well as aligned properly with the Common Core Standards. To obtain the first draft of the Arkansas Early Learning Standards for review, go to the Arkansas Head Start Collaboration Office webste at

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Association of Measurements - The Correlation between Common Core and Early Head Start Requirements ​PDF


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ABC Longitudinal Study PDF
This report estimates the effects of the Arkansas Better Chance Program (ABC) on entering kindergartners' academic skills using a rigorous research design. Receptive vocabulary, early literacy and early math skills were assessed in a sample of 911 children from across Arkansas. We found that the Arkansas Better Chance Program has statistically significant and meaningful impacts on children’s early language, literacy and mathematical development.
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