Division of Behavioral Health Services

The Division of Behavioral Health Services is responsible for ensuring the provision of public behavioral health services, including mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services throughout the State of Arkansas. The Division supports, certifies, licenses, and funds behavioral health providers throughout the state. In addition, the Division of Behavioral Health Service operates two behavioral health institutions -- the Arkansas State Hospital located in Little Rock and the Arkansas Health Center in Benton.


The Division of Behavioral Health Services provides leadership and devotes its resources to facilitate:

  • Effective prevention;
  • Quality treatment; and
  • Meaningful recovery.


The Division of Behavioral Health Services facilitates services that are:
  • Trauma informed
  • Gender sensitive
  • Recovery based
  • Age Informed
  • Culturally and linguistically competent
  • Client centered
  • Family driven
  • Evidence based/informed
  • Cost effective
  • Performance and outcome driven


Contact Information

Office Address Phone/TDD Email
  • Division of Behavioral Health Services305 South Palm Street
    Little Rock, AR 72205
    TDD: 501-686-9176
    Fax: 501-686-9182


Name Title Phone Email
  • Charlie GreenDirector 501-686-9164
  • Paula StoneAssistant Clinical Director501-686-9489Email
  • Pam DodsonAssistant Clinical Director501-686-9411Email
  • Carrie AndersonAssistant Director for Quality Assurance501-396-6719Email
  • Andrew BranchAssistant Director for Finance501-686-9463Email
  • Jay HillAdministrator, Arkansas Health Center501-860-0527Email
  • Steven Henson Administrator, Arkansas State Hospital501-251-6400Email
  • Steven DomonMedical Director, Arkansas State Hospital 501-251-6431Email