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Living Choices Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facility Regulations

To read and/or download the final regulations for both Level I and Level II Assisted Living Facilities in either Adobe Acrobat Reader .PDF or Microsoft Word .doc format, please visit the website of Arkansas Medicaid's Office of Long Term Care (OLTC).


Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver Provider Information

Living Choices Assisted Living Provider Enrollment

Living Choices Assisted Living Waiver Eligibility & Services Client Eligibility

To be eligible for Living Choices, you must:

1. Be age 65 and over, or age 21 and over and blind or have a physical disability.

2. Meet certain financial eligibility requirements as determined by Medicaid, including: Monthly Income No More than 300% of SSI (Resource Limits: $2,000 Individual/$3,000 Couple).

3. Have functional needs that would require institutional care in a nursing facility at the Intermediate Level. Applicants classified as skilled care patients are not eligible for Living Choices.


To meet functional criteria for the Living Choices waiver program, the applicant must meet at least one of the following criteria as determined by a licensed medical professional:

1. The individual is unable to perform either of the following:

(A) At least one of the three activities of daily living (ADL) of transferring/locomotion, eating or toileting without extensive assistance from or total dependence upon another person; or

(B) At least two of the three activities of daily living (ADL) of transferring/locomotion, eating or toileting without limited assistance from another person; or,

2. Medical assessment results in a score of three or more on cognitive performance scale; or

3. Medical assessment results in Changes in Health, End-stage disease, Signs and Symptoms (CHESS) score of three or more.

NOTE: Definitions related to the Nursing Home Admission Criteria are available from the Division of Aging & Adult Services or the Division of Medical Services' Office of Long Term Care upon request

Application Process

It is preferred that applications be made at the DHS County Office in the county where the assisted living facility is located. However, the application can be made in the county of residence and transferred to the county where the facility is located, allowing the application to be made at any DHS county office.
The DHS County Office Eligibility Worker will determine financial eligibility and will send a referral to the DAAS RN
DAAS will simultaneously collect information for submission to DMS OLTC for functional/nursing home admission and level of care eligibility determination and will complete an assessment and service plan
DHS County Office will make the final eligibility determination and open the Medicaid case
Client eligibility is reassessed annually

Role of the Assisted Living Waiver Registered Nurse



1. Assisted Living Services include:

2. Extended Prescription Drug Coverage:


Provider Information for Reassessments and Reconsiderations

Click on New User Setup to send an email. Please make sure to include the following required details:

  1. Provider-Facility Name
  2. County (Main Office)
  3. Contact Person (First & Last Name)
  4. Telephone number with extension
  5. Contact Person't email address

Click here for Provider Submission Instructions

Click here for the Reassessment Form ***Note: Save a blank copy on your computer.  Also, make sure you enable editing so you can fill in the fields on the form.***



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