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Adult Maltreatment

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Adult Maltreatment includes abuse, exploitation, neglect or sexual abuse of an adult.  See Arkansas Code Annotated Section 12-12-1703

Self-neglect in the elderly accounts for the majority of cases reported to adult protective services.  Self-neglect is a blanket term used to describe situations in which older people, in the judgment of others, are thought to be neglecting their needs and putting themselves at high risk of additional and serious deterioration.  Sometimes the consequences are permanent and at other times can be reversed if the circumstances, attitudes, and behaviors contributing to the lack of self-care are changed and improved.

In cases of elder self-neglect, elements considered to be essential in all interventions include:

Older people who neglect their needs for nutrition, hygiene, financial solvency, medical care, or adequate shelter do so for reasons as varied as there are human predicaments. The key difference between services for protecting children and those for adults is that mentally competent adults who do not wish to be protected have the right to refuse all assistance.  

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