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    • Service:Access to Recovery Program | Division Home
      About:Arkansas ATR is a grant-funded initiative which provides vouchers to clients for purchase of substance use disorder clinical treatment and recovery support services. The goals of the program are to expand capacity, support client choice, and increase the array of faith-based and community based providers for clinical treatment and recovery support services
      Contact:Call 501-682-9911 | Email
    • Service:Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities Program | Division Home
      About:A Medicaid home and community-based program that provides attendant care and environmental modification services to individuals age 21 through 64 who meet the criteria for intermediate nursing home care. The individual’s income should be less than 300% of poverty and meet the resource limits for Medicaid. Persons who qualify may also receive regular Medicaid benefits. Individuals must be able to supervise their service providers whom they may choose from the list of eligible providers.
      Contact:Call 800-981-4457
      Website:Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities Program
    • Service:ElderChoices Program | Division Home
      About:The major goal of this program is to provide services that assist eligible persons to remain in their homes or live with family in order to prevent or delay institutionalization.
      Contact:Call 501-682-2441
      Website:ElderChoices Program
    • Service:IndependentChoices Program | Division Home
      About:Program supports at-home care by providing a monthly allowance in place of "Personal Care Services."
      Contact:Call 888-682-0044
    • Service:Money Follows the Person Program | Division Home
      About:Program to transition individuals who have resided in institutions 90 days or longer into qualified home and community-based programs.
      Contact:Call 1-866-801-3435
      Website:Money Follows the Person Program
    • Service:Nursing Homes | Division Home
      About:Nursing homes provide total care for their residents--meeting needs from social to dietary to medical. They are staffed by licensed nurses and certified nursing assistants. Nursing homes accept a variety of payment methods, such as private pay (which includes insurance), Medicaid, and Medicare. No age requirement applies to nursing home placements.
      Contact:Call 501-682-8430 | Email
    • Service:Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman | Division Home
      About:A statewide program, that advocates for the rights of long-term care residents. It is a statewide program of community advocates that addresses the complaints of nursing home and residential care facility residents. Its representatives provide information on facilities, work for systematic change, and monitor the activities of the regulatory system.
      Contact:Call 501-682-8952
      Website:Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman
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    • Service:Adult Abuse Hotline | Division Home
      About:Do you suspect an adult is being abused or neglected at home or in a care facility? If so, call our hotline to make a confidential report.
      Contact:Call 1-800-482-8049
    • Service:Adult Protective Services | Division Home
      About:Adult Protective Services investigates maltreatment, abuse, neglect and exploitation of individuals age 18 and older.
      Contact:Call 1-800-482-8049
      Website:Adult Protective Services
    • Service:Alcohol Addiction/Abuse Services | Division Home
      About:Outpatient care, residential care, Specialized Women's Services (SWS) and early intervention.
      Contact:Call 1-501-686-9866
    • Service:Choices in Living Resource Center | Division Home
      About:The Choices in Living Resource Center is an Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC). We provide helpful information about long term services and supports in Arkansas. Trained Counselors are here to help you sort through the many options that are available and to assist you in making informed decisions. Anyone may contact us for assistance at 1-866-801-3435 — there is never a cost.
      Contact:Call 866-801-3435
    • Service:Drug Addiction/Abuse Services | Division Home
      About:Outpatient care, residential care, Specialized Women's Services (SWS) and early intervention.
      Contact:Call 1-501-686-9866
    • Service:Gambling Helpline | Division Home
      About:A 24 hour helpline for Gambling Addiction
      Contact:Call 1-800-522-4700
    • Service:Gambling Program Services | Division Home
      About:These services are no cost to the individual treatment services in eleven providers across the state and prevention programming in five catchment areas. The services are outpatient programs that provide the following services: assessment, individual counseling, group counseling, and referral for support services.
      Contact:Call 1-501-686-9866
    • Service:Living Choices Assisted Living | Division Home
      About:Services to provide housing, supportive services, personalized assistance and healthcare designed to respond to the individual needs of those who need help with activities of daily living.
      Contact:Call 501-682-2441
      Website:Living Choices Assisted Living
    • Service:Specialized Programs for Adults with Serious Mental Illness | Division Home
      About:Services provided to assist the community with education about emotional disorders.
    • Service:Substance Abuse Helpline | Division Home
      About:A 8 hour helpline for Substance Abuse Addiction (Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. until 4:30 P.M.)
      Contact:Call 1-501-686-9866
    • Service:Substance Abuse Prevention, Education and Early Intervention | Division Home
      About:Alcohol, tobacco, Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG), SYNAR and other drug abuse prevention programming and coalition development for community-based environmental change efforts.
      Contact:Call 501-686-9030