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Attachment: Workers with Disabilities Medicaid
Attachment: Notice of Rulemaking - DAAS Policy 112 (Senior Arkansans Hall of Fame)
Attachment: 2013 AR AmeriCorps State Application Instructions
Attachment: SF-424 Facesheet
Attachment: NOFO Arkansas 2013
Attachment: Grant Writing Workshop Registration 2013
Attachment: 2013 Formula Grant Timeline
Attachment: Formula Grants Ad 2013
Attachment: Code of Ethics
Attachment: AWAP Field Guide -4
Attachment: AWAP Field Guide 5-8
Attachment: AWAP Field Guide 9-
Attachment: AWAP Subgrantee Operations Manual
Attachment: Weatherization Service Provider Network Manual
Attachment: Weatherization Service Provider Network
Attachment: Questions&Answers for RFQ
Attachment: More Questions&Answers
Attachment: Question Responses
Attachment: 2013-2014 CIA RFA
Attachment: Budget Narrative Worksheet for CIA RFA
Attachment: Sample Budget for CIA RFA
Attachment: CIA Host Site Application Form
Attachment: Community Service Block Grant 2014-2015
Attachment: Notice of Rulemaking CSBG 2014-2015
Attachment: Anticipation To Award
Attachment: Children, Youth and Adult Anticipation to Award
Attachment: RFP Self Directed Service Budget (SDSB) Counseling Support
Attachment: Self Directed Service Budget Counseling Support Responses
Attachment: 2014-15 Notice of Intent to Apply
Attachment: DDS Admin 1089 Effective 7-24-09
Attachment: DDS Admin 1089A Adults Proposed
Attachment: DDS Admin 1089B Children Proposed
Attachment: DDS Admin 1089 - Notice of Rule Making
Attachment: 2014 Arkansas AmeriCorps NOFO
Attachment: 2014 Arkansas Application Instructions
Attachment: The Summit 39th Annual State Conference
Attachment: DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Delta Pilot
Attachment: DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Delta Pilot Data SFY2011
Attachment: DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Delta Pilot Data SFY2012
Attachment: DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Delta Pilot Data SFY2013
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-01 Self Directed Service Budget FMS-Attachments A-I
Attachment: DMS 2015-01 Self Directed Service Budget (SDSB) FMS
Attachment: SNAP Employment & Training Program
Attachment: RFQ DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Questions and Answer Document
Attachment: RFQ DMS 2015-02 Care Coordination Delta Pilot Databook Document
Attachment: Amendment 1 CF 2015-002
Attachment: DCO 2014 SNAP Employment and Training Questions and Answers
Attachment: Q & A for RFQ CF 2015-002 Comprehensive Residential Treatment
Attachment: PFS RFA Checklist
Attachment: PFS Statement Work Assurances and Certification
Attachment: PFS YLD RFA_FORM
Attachment: RFA PFS YLD
Attachment: SF-424-INSTRUCTIONS
Attachment: Attachment O_PFS RFA Letter of Intent 2014
Attachment: PFS RFA Attachments A_O
Attachment: RFA PFS PSP
Attachment: DCO-2014-01 SNAP Employment & Training Services
Attachment: PFS YLD RFA Selected Groups
Attachment: Revised Application Specifications- PFS
Attachment: Medical Detoxification and Court Ordered Residential Treatment (CORT) Services
Attachment: FY '2015 Medical Detox and Court Ordered Advertisement
Attachment: PFS PSP Selected Organizations 2014
Attachment: RFP CORT and Detoxification Q&A
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-03 Medicaid Behavorial Health Assessments
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-03 Addendum
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-03 Questions and Answers
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-03 Addendum 2
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-04 DBHS AR Center for Provider Resources
Attachment: DMS 2015-04 ACPR Attachments A-E
Attachment: Addendum 1 RFP DMS 2015-04 DBHS ACPR
Attachment: RFP DMS 2015-04 Notification of Withdrawal of RFP
Attachment: DMS 2015-06 Request for Proposal
Attachment: DMS RFP 2015-05 Therapies & Personal Care
Attachment: DMS 2015-06 Question & Response
Attachment: DMS RFP 2015-05 ATTACHMENT F (Revised) Price Sheet
Attachment: DMS 2015-05 Question & Response
Attachment: DMS 2015-05 Addendum 1
Attachment: DMS RFQ 2016-01 ARKids First Outreach Education and Media Campaign
Attachment: RFP DASEP SFY16 Area 6 01-30-2015
Attachment: 2011 Licensure Standards 3-1-2011-Revision
Attachment: Regional Substance Abuse Map
Attachment: Rules of Practice and Procedure-July 2009 Edition
Attachment: SF-424-Application Federal Assistance_SFY 2015
Attachment: State and Areawide Clearinghouse_SFY 2015
Attachment: ARKida First Outreach, Education and Media Campaign DMS RFQ 2016-01
Attachment: Questions for DBHS-2016-01 DASEP RFP
Attachment: Title II RFA Legal Notice
Attachment: Title II Application with Revised Assurances
Attachment: RFP DBHS-2016-01 DASEP SFY16 Area 6 Cancelled
Attachment: Notice of 2015 ACJJ-DYS Grant Application Workshop
Attachment: Title II Application 2015