Freedom of Information (FOI)

Under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act, all public records shall be open to inspection and copying by any citizen of the State of Arkansas during the regular business hours of the custodian of the records.  DHS must make public records available upon request unless the records are in active use or storage, in which case, DHS must do so within 3 working days.  Disclosures are subject to various exemptions under federal and state law. receives and responds to all Freedom of Information Act requests except media requests, which go to Director of Communications Amy Webb in the Director’s Office.  For complete information see DHS Policy 1053.


Records & Databases

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Informational & Statistical Reports

DHS Legislative & Consumer Directory
Arkansas Annual Synar Reports
Annual Statistical Reports
Arkansas Prevention Needs Assessment Student Survey Reports
County Office Operational Report (COOR)
Arkansas Medicaid Program Overview Booklet 

Juvenile Justice Reform In Arkansas
Olmstead Report   

 Program Policies

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Program Plans

SSBG Pre-expenditure Report

Arkansas State Plan on Aging FY2008-2011